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NBG-12 : Series Non-Coded Conventional Manual Fire Alarm Pull Stations

• Aesthetically pleasing, highly visible design and color.
• Attractive contoured shape and light textured finish.
• Meets ADA 5 lb. maximum pull-force.
• Meets UL 38, Standard for Manually Actuated Signaling Boxes.
• Easily operated (single- or dual-action, model dependent),yet designed to prevent false alarms when bumped, shaken,or jarred.

• PUSH IN/PULL DOWN handle latches in the down position to clearly indicate the station has been operated.
• The word “ACTIVATED” appears on top of the handle in bright yellow, further indicating operation of the station.
• Operation handle features white arrows showing basic operation direction for non-English-speaking persons.
• Braille text included on finger-hold area of operation handle and across top of handle.
• Multiple hex- and key-lock models available.
• U.S. patented hex-lock needs only a quarter-turn to lock/unlock.


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